Privacy Policy

Career Boost is committed to protecting the privacy of online consumers. This notice explains our online technology and information collection practices.

About Career Boost

Career Boost is a Mobile Media Company specializing in Mobile Performance and Mobile Audiences. We are a preferred display and performance marketing partner to several leading international publishers in the Indian market.

Career Boost has built In-house platforms which allow our operations team to set up and run direct and programmatic campaigns for our advertisers and serve them on our publishers Android and iOS applications. We have also built in-house mobile performance marketing platform which allows us to run mobile attribution campaigns across our publishers.


Career Boost does not drop any cookies to serve ads as our publisher inventory is purely in-app which does not support cookies.

Data Collected - Ad serving

When Career Boost delivers an ad, we collect some or all of the below information about the user which are passed to us by our publishers in an ad request:

  • IP Address
  • Device Identifiers
  • User interaction with Ad (e.g Click, video interactions etc)
  • User Agent ( Usually used to identify the device type)

We do not collect any personal information that can identify the user. For example, your name, email address, your address, phone number etc.

We do provide our platform access to our publishers and advertisers. This access is provided only on request from the publisher or advertiser. We use the email address to create an account login for the Publisher/Advertiser to access their campaign reports.

The data we collect can be categorised as device identifiers, geolocation. We do not create & sell segments to specifically target children under 16 years old.

Data Collected - Lead Generation

To provide you with the advertising services you have ordered, we need information about you. If you use Career Boost Private Limited services, you are in control of what information we collect about you, but if you choose not to share your information, We will collect the information once you use our services; advertise; set up; or you can ask us for information or give us a testimonial or other feedback.

The information we collect and hold about you may include your name (first and last name); business name; job title; business address; product data, phone and/or mobile phone numbers; email address, and any other information you may give us when you write to us or contact us in other ways.

When you register for our services we collect your email address and mobile number. We may use it for account administration and for added security. We may use your email address or mobile number to send you a confirmation of any order or booking you make, if you ask for our products or services, and to confirm any profile or account changes you make. We might also use your email address or mobile number to bring you news such as changes to the way you can use Career Boost services or any of our other new services and special offers we think you might be interested in.

Device Identifiers (IDFA, GAID)

Career Boost uses IDFA or GAID/AAID purely to validate if the requesting device id belongs to the targeted list of audience segments which is provided to Career Boost by our audience data partners.

Device identifiers are also used to validate attributions by combining it with other system-generated identifiers like click id to validate if the same device is being used to click on an ad and complete the post-click actions e.g. app installation.

Data Usage

Our platform provides the below targeting options:

  • Audience segments: We use device identifiers provided by our DMP partners to target specific users by matching the user’s device identifier with the one target to the campaign.
  • Geo-Targeting: We use IP address data provided by our geo DB partner to target an ad based on geographic location.
  • Frequency capping: We use data to limit ad delivery to only a few times per user.
  • Relevant Ad Delivery: We pass some data to our programmatic buyers so that they can deliver relevant ads.
Data Sharing

Career Boost may have to share some of the data to our Partners as below

  • Relevant Ad Delivery: We pass some data to our programmatic buyers so that they can deliver relevant ads.
  • Mobile Attribution: We pass some data to our MMP partners to validate user click data with user installation data and to eliminate fraudulent clicks and installs.

The data we send can be called as device identifiers, geolocation. We do not create & sell segments to specifically target children under 16 years old.


Career Boost does not deliver advertisements to any requests coming from countries part of the EU and California (US).